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Fast, flexible and fun, the latest smartphones connect to the web, play music, take photos and give you access to the most popular apps.

Choosing the right phone operating system

Your mobile experience not only depends on the brand of your handset, but picking the right operating system. Here’s a summary of the leading platforms to choose from:

  • Apple iOS
    Apple iOS is used exclusively by all Apple products, such as the iPhone and iPad. App Store is a popular online resource with a whole host of useful applications. The iTunes music player and store are equally impressive due to their range and ease of use. Social media is deeply ingrained into the iOS experience, making it easy to share content via Twitter and Facebook.
  • Android
    Android is an open-source operating system, which means anyone can create applications for it. The ever-evolving Android market allows you to choose from a wide range of truly unique apps. Each updated OS is given a fun name like Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean and can be found on handsets from brands like HTC, Samsung and Motorola with all Android phones supporting Flash content.
  • BlackBerry OS
    This is BlackBerry’s very own operating system and is geared towards business users looking for ease of communication. A wide selection of business-related apps on the App World makes it easy to work on documents and files while on the move. BlackBerry phones are very popular due to their messenger service (BBM), an instant messaging service with friends and colleagues and is absolutely free to use for BlackBerry owners.
  • Windows OS
    Microsoft’s venture into the mobile OS domain, the Windows Phone seamlessly syncs with other Windows run devices like tablets, computers, Xbox 360 and more. Intuitive design allows for a user-friendly interface, the Live Apps work in real time so updates pop on the start screen, adding to the fun experience. The full device encryption with MS Office and Outlook Express makes using the Windows Phone a breeze for work or play.


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